Los Angeles

About Bedrock Property Investors, LLC

With a focus on sustainable development practices and an altruistic drive to provide more housing for LA’s residents, Bedrock is dedicated to revitalizing neighborhoods and creating better housing opportunities for all.

Our Mission

Bedrock’s mission is to purchase multifamily properties of eight units or less and embark on an ambitious redevelopment journey. By demolishing existing structures and constructing multifamily buildings ranging from approximately 30 to 60 units, we aim to breathe new life into our communities.

Development Model

Our development model revolves around maximizing allowable density through existing zoning regulations, coupled with obtaining Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) incentives. This approach allows us to build as many units as legally and physically practicable, ensuring we create housing options that meet the demands of the growing population.


At Bedrock, we understand the importance of sustainable practices in today’s rapidly changing world. That is why we strive to integrate environmentally friendly elements into our developments. From energy-efficient designs and appliances to the incorporation of green spaces and smart technologies, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and creating healthy, eco-conscious living environments.

Expert Team

Bedrock’s team of experienced professionals is the driving force behind our success. Led by Chris Pak, David Nahai, Jason Liwanag, and Alex Nahai, our principals bring together a wealth of knowledge and expertise in real estate syndication, development, architecture, law, and urban planning. Together, they share a common vision to positively impact communities by providing quality housing options and fostering sustainable growth.

Invest with Bedrock

Bedrock Property Investors, LLC invites you to join us on our journey to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Together, let’s create a brighter future by developing thriving, inclusive neighborhoods where everyone can thrive.